Leased Line Options

Leased Line Options

Our leased lines are ideal to connect your site to the Internet, to another site, to multi-sites or to use for business continuity purposes.

If you require a leased line to access applications in the cloud, a leased line from Leased Line Experts will deliver high up-time, reliability and comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Overview of the Leased Line options that we provide:

Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines
1:1 uncontended symmetrical bandwidth speeds, from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps. Our Fibre Ethernet leased lines provide high performance and are ideal for carrying data, voice, video, various internal company applications, cloud services and Internet access. Our Internet and MPLS leased lines are provided with a fully managed service, monitored high-spec router, comprehensive Service level agreement (SLA) and 24x7x365 support as standard practise.

Copper Ethernet Leased Lines
Sometimes referred to as Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) or Generic Ethernet Access (GEA).
Copper Leased Lines use copper pairs to deliver symmetric bandwidth speeds from 1Mb upto 35Mb with a high SLA, 24x7x365 support, managed rouer and shorter installation times.

Point-to-Point Leased Lines
Point-to-Point leased lines are typically delivered between two sites. The sites can be in close proximity to each other or anywhere in the country. They are particularly beneficial if an organisation wishes to backup critical data and/or exchange data between sites. They are available as wires only (without routers) or fully managed with routers.

Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet (EoFTTC) Leased Lines
Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet leased lines use copper and fibre to provide cost effective, reliable bandwidth. These lines can be installed within a few weeks where they are available.

Multi-site Leased Lines
Our multi-site leased lines can be provided using a plethora of carriers, speeds and technologies. We offer discount pricing for multiple leased line orders.

MPLS Leased Lines
Our MPLS leased line solutions create secure leased line connections between multiple sites, either geographically dispersed or in close proximity. They can consist of fibre and copper leased line connections. We can combine a variety of different bandwidth speeds for your sites as required, in addition to using a selection of carrier networks for increased carrier resilience.

  • If you wish to prioritise certain applications, such as voice over Internet access, this can be implemented
  • A fully managed solution for our MPLS leased lines are included as standard
  • In addition, we can supply FTTC / ADSL Broadband services for your home / remote workers as part of our MPLS solutions

Wireless leased lines
Our wireless leased lines provide the same reliability as our fixed wires leased lines but with the added advantage of faster installation times on average. Some key features:

  • Installation within a few weeks on average with some line being installed within days
  • No Excess Construction Charges (ECC's)
  • Extremely beneficial as part of a fixed line and wireless line fail-over solution which delivers one of the most resilient connectivity solutions available in the market

Fail-over lines
While leased lines are very reliable, should you wish to have further enhanced reliability , we can provide fail-over backup lines for redundancy and for added peace of mind.

  • Backup lines can comprise of Fibre Ethernet, Copper Ethernet (EFM), GEA (EoFTTC), Wireless (Radio), FTTC and Broadband lines. These lines can be provided using different speeds and carriers for increased carrier resiliency